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Muncy grapplers advance five to state tournament

March 7, 2019
The Luminary

Seven local wrestlers will be making the trip to Hershey to compete for the gold at the PIAA Class AA State Wrestling championships. Those wrestlers earned the spot by placing in the top four at the Northeast Regional tournament this past weekend in Williamsport.

Bryce Vollman, Muncy, was the lone champion taking first in 126-pound weight division when he defeated Ian Yoder of Southern Columbia by a decision of 3-2. Four other Muncy wrestlers will be on the road with Vollman to the Giant Center competing for a medal. Those wrestlers include: Mario Barberio, 4th, (138); Ty Nixon, 3rd, (160); Ethan Gush, 4th, (170); and Mike Kustanbauter, 4th, (182).

Hughesville will be sending two of their wrestlers after they both finished in the third place spot. Ben Heinrich will be making his first trip to the arena competing in the 126-pound weight division, and Luke Gorg (138) is heading back after his third-place finish.

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RUTH FRY/The Luminary

Muncy and Hughesville are sending a total of seven wrestlers to the PIAA Class AA State Wrestling Championships that will begin this Thursday, March 7 at the Giant Center in Hershey and finish on Saturday, March 9. Those wrestlers earned the spot by placing in the top four at the Northeast Regional tournament this past weekend in Williamsport.
The five Muncy wrestlers are from left to right: Ty Nixon; Mario Barberio, Bryce Vollman, Ethan Gush, and Mike Kustanbauter. Hughesville grapplers advancing are Ben Heinrich and Luke Gorg.

Southern Columbia ran away with the team championship by sending nine wrestlers to states and scoring 193.5 points. Muncy was second with 72.5 points, and Montoursville finished third with 72 points.

Championship Finals (Both advance to state tournament)

106: Sheldon Seymour, Tr, tech. fall Gavin Bradley, At, 20-5, 6:00. 113: Gable Strickland, Be, dec. Gabe Gramly, Mf, 8-1. 120: David Evans, Tu, dec. Kyler Crawford, Mi, 12-6. 126: Bryce Vollman, Mu, dec. Ian Yoder, SC, 3-2. 132: Nate Higley, Su, dec. Patrick Edmondson, SC, 6-3. 138: Avery Bassett, MW, pinned Clayton Reed, Mf, 3:46. 145: Gavin Garcia, SC, maj. dec. Kameron Kline, MW, 13-3. 152: D.J. Erickson, HA, dec. Nolan Lear, Be, 3-2, UTB. 160: Cooper Mosier, To, dec. Cade Linn, SC, 7-3. 170: David Galasso, At, dec. Jacob Feese, LM, 10-3. 182: Hunter O'Connor, JS, pinned Tyler Waltman, SC, 2:50. 195: Gaige Garcia, SC, pinned Gable Crebs, Mt, 0:44. 220: Cameron Wood, Mt, dec. Dakotah Snyder, Le, 5-3. 285: Lear Quinton, SC, dec. Dawson Brown, NEB, 4-2.

Third-place Consolation (Both advance to state tournament)

106: Kaiden Wagner, Le, dec. Andrew Johnson, Da, 4-1. 113: Kole Biscoe, SC, pinned Mason Leshock, LM, 1:47. 120: Noah Hunt, WR, maj. dec. Joe Rowley, HA, 13-4. 126: Ben Heinrich, Hu, maj. dec. Matt Carpenter, Wi, 15-3. 132: Joe Hester, Mo, dec. Bob Long, LL, 6-2. 138: Luke Gorg, Hu, dec. Mario Barberio, Mu, 3-2. 145: Gavin D'Amato, Tu, dec. Hunter Burke, LL, 5-3. 152: Cael Crebs, Mt, dec. Isaac Cory, Tr, 5-0. 160: Ty Nixon, Mu, dec. Jacob Busch, CC, 7-4. 170: Jansen Houdeshell, Mf, dec. Ethan Gush, Mu, 5-0. 182: Cameron Andrews, NP, dec. Mike Kustanbauter, Mu, 4-3. 195: Jack Schechterly, CC, dec. Clay Green, To, 4-2. 220: Preston Zachman, SC, pinned T.J. Meehan, LL, 1:38. 285: Randy Wildrick, Wy, won by forfeit Owen Zechman, MW.

Fifth-place consolation

106: Owen Woods, Tu, pinned Blake Wirt, LM, 2:06. 113: Michael Bluhm, LT, dec. Liam Goodrich, JS, 4-3. 120: Broc Lutz, Mt, pinned Jacob Bruyn, Wy, 0:56. 126: T.J. Walter, Mi, pinned Nathaniel McArthur, BR, 4:21. 132: Ian Coller, LM, dec. Devon Deem, Mg, 9-2. 138: Josh Bonomo, LL, pinned Mike Miner, SC, 2:29. 145: Eric Gessner, Mf, dec. Nate Snyder, CC, 4-0. 152: Shane Miller, SC, dec. Adam Roe, BR, 12-6. 160: Josh Rodriguez, MW, pinned Savon Collins, Me, 4:38. 170: Dylan Bennett, Mt dec. Nick Zaboski, LL, 5-0. 182: Shane Weidner, MC, pinned Jeff Meader, Tu, 2:51. 195: Bryan Ryan, Mo, pinned Trey Lauver, MW, 3:43. 220: Jackson Chilson, Wy, dec. Zach Poust, Be, 9-4. 285: Nevin Rauch, Mi, pinned Jack McAllister, WW, 1:13.

Team standings: 1, Southern Columbia, 193.5; 2, Muncy, 72.5; 3, Montoursville, 72; 4, Midd-West, 69; 5, Mifflinburg, 55.5; t-6, Lake-Lehman, 49; t-5, Tunkhannock, 49; 8, Benton, 44; 9, Athens, 43; 10, Line Mountain, 40; 11, Troy, 36.5; 12, Milton, 36; 13, Towanda, 35.5; 14, Lewisburg, 33.5; 15, Central Columbia, 32; 16, Hanover Area, 31; 17, Wyalusing, 29; t-18, Hughesville, 28; t-18, Jersey Shore, 28; 20, Montrose Area, 26; 21, Sullivan County, 21; 22, Northeast Bradford, 18; t-23, North Penn-Liberty, 16; t-23, Warrior Run, 16; 25, Danville, 14; t-26, Blue Ridge, 11; t-26, Williamson, 11; 28, Mount Carmel, 10; 29, Lackawanna Trail, 8; 30, Meyers, 6; t-31, Montgomery, 4; t-31, Western Wayne, 4; t-33, Scranton Prep, 0; t-33, Wyoming Area, 0.

Team key: Athens, At; Benton, Be; Bloomsburg, Bl; Blue Ridge, BR; Canton, Ca; Central Columbia, CC; Danville, Da; Elk Lake, EL; Hanover Area, HA; Hughesville, Hu; Lackawanna Trail, LT; Lake-Lehman, LL; Lewisburg, Le; Line Mountain, LM; Meyers, Me; Midd-West, MW; Mifflinburg, Mf; Milton, Mi; Montgomery, Mg; Montoursvillt, Mt; Montrose, Mo; Mountain View, MV; Muncy, Mu; North Penn-Liberty, NP; Northeast Bradford, NEB; Scranton Prep, SP; Shamokin, Sh; South Williamsport, SW; Southern Columbia, SC; Sullivan County, Su; Towanda, To; Troy, Tr; Tunkhannock, Tu; Warrior Run, WR; Western Wayne, WW; Wyalusing, Wy; Wyoming Area, WA.


106: Sheldon Seymour, Tr, pinned Kaiden Wagner, Le, 2:45; Gavin Bradley, At, pinned Andrew Johnson, Da, 5:45. 113: Gable Strickland, Be, dec. Kole Biscoe, SC, 4-3; Gabe Gramly, Mf, tech. fall Mason Leshock, LM, 15-0, 2:23. 120: David Evans, Tu, pinned Noah Hunt, WR, 5:45; Kyler Crawford, Mi, dec. Broc Lutz, Mt, 7-4. 126: Bryce Vollman, Mu, dec. T.J. Walter, Mi, 2-0; Ian Yoder, SC, pinned Matt Carpenter, Wi, 2:55. 132: Patrick Edmondson, SC, dec. Bob Long, LL, 10-4; Nate Higley, Su, dec. Joe Hester, Mo, 7-3. 138: Clayton Reed, Mf, dec. Mario Barberio, Mu, 6-4; Avery Bassett, MW, dec. Luke Gorg, Hu, 6-0. 145: Kameron Kline, MW, maj. dec. Nate Snyder, CC, 9-1; Gavin Garcia, SC, maj. dec. Eric Gessner, Mf, 15-1. 152: D.J. Erickson, HA, dec. Adam Roe, BR, 9-5; Nolan Lear, Be, dec. Shane Miller, SC, 5-3, sv. 160: Cade Linn, SC, dec. Ty Nixon, Mu, 4-2; Cooper Mosier, To, tech. fall Jacob Busch, CC, 20-5, 5:23. 170: Jacob Feese, LM, dec. Dylan Bennett, Mt, 11-6; David Galasso, At, maj. dec. Nick Zaboski, LL, 11-2 182: Hunter O'Connor, JS, dec. Cameron Andrews, NP, 5-1; Tyler Waltman, SC, dec. Mike Kustanbauter, Mu, 6-4. 195: Gaige Garcia, SC, pinned Jack Schechterly, CC, 1:33; Gable Crebs, Mt, pinned Clay Green, To, 1:02. 220: Dakotah Snyder, Le, dec. Preston Zachman, SC, 5-1; Cameron Wood, Mt, pinned T.J. Meehan, LL, 2:17. 285: Lear Quinton, SC, pinned Owen Zechman, MW, 1:06; Dawson Brown, NEB, dec. Nevin Rauch, Mi, 16-11.


106: Blake Wirt, LM, pinned Mason Konigus, LL, 1:45; Owen Woods, Tu, pinned Kristofer Fonseca, Me, 2:10. 113: Liam Goodrich, JS, pinned Gavin Crawford, BR, 2:32; Michael Bluhm, LT, pinned Jack Lynett, SP, 2:36. 120: Joe Rowley, HA, dec. Aidan Steininger, MW, 3-2; Jacob Bruyn, Wy, dec. Antonio D'Apollonio, SP, 3-1, sv. 126: Nathaniel McArthur, BR, bye; Ben Heinrich, Hu, pinned Ayden Berndt, SP, 1:17. 132: Ian Coller, LM, dec. Logan Newton, Wy, 6-2; Devon Deem, Mg, dec. Dalten Klinges, LT, 5-3. 138: Mike Miner, SC, dec. Joe Monahan, SP, 4-3; Josh Bonomo, LL, pinned Connor Wrobleski, WA, 0:43. 145: Gavin D'Amato, Tu dec. Matthew Leslie, WW, 3-2; Hunter Burke, LL, dec. Preston Rogers, To, 3-2. 152: Cael Crebs, Mt, dec. Coleman Good, Mu, 4-2; Isaac Cory, Tr, by forfeit Jake Trumbower, LL. 160: Josh Rodriguez, MW, pinned Tom Gudykunst, BR, 0:57; Savon Collins, Me, won by forfeit Kasen Taylor, WW. 170: Ethan Gush, Mu, pinned Robin Wrobleski, WA, 2:57; Jansen Houdeshell, Mf, pinned Alex Hollister, WW, 2:00. 182: Shane Weidner, MC, pinned Marc Avila, Mo, 1:37; Jeff Meader, Tu, pinned Vincent Bowers, WA, 0:15. 195: Trey Lauver, MW, pinned Nick Marabell, Tu, 0:32; Bryan Ryan, Mo, pinned Thomas Nalbone, LL, 0:48. 220: Jackson Chilson, Wy, pinned Eli Aldrich, BR, 0:29; Zach Poust, Be, pinned Bryce VanFleet, LT, 1:34. 285: Randy Wildrick, Wy, pinned Justin Kelly, Mo, 1:52; Jack McAllister, WW, dec. Jhamal Zacharias, Tu, 2-1, tb.


106: Andrew Johnson, Da, pinned Blake Wirt, LM, 2:06; Kaiden Wagner, Le, tech. fall Owen Woods, Tu, 16-0, 3:52. 113: Mason Leshock, LM, dec. Liam Goodrich, JS, 8-4; Kole Biscoe, SC, pinned Michael Bluhm, LT, 1:52. 120: Joe Rowley, HA, pinned Broc Lutz, Mt, 3:53; Noah Hunt, WR, pinned Jacob Bruyn, Wy, 3:23. 126: Matt Carpenter, Wi, dec. Nathaniel McArthur, BR, 6-4; Ben Heinrich, Hu, pinned T.J. Walter, Mi, 4:03. 132: Joe Hester, Mo, pinned Ian Coller, LM, 3:53; Bob Long, LL, pinned Devon Deem, Mg, 0:46. 138: Luke Gorg, hu, dec. Mike Miner, SC, 8-4; Mario Barberio, Mu, pinned Josh Bonomo, LL, 3:55. 145: Gavin D'Amato, Tu, dec. Eric Gessner, Mf, 7-5, sv; Hunter Burke, LL, dec. Nate Snyder, CC, 7-0. 152: Cael Crebs, Mt, maj. dec. Shane Miller, SC, 12-3; Isaac Cory, Tr, dec. Adam Roe, BR, 1-0. 160: Jacob Busch, CC, pinned Josh Rodriguez, MW, 4:49; Ty Nixon, Mu, tech. fall Savon Collins, Me, 20-4, 3:19. 170: Ethan Gush, Mu, dec. Nick Zaboski, LL, 3-1; Jansen Houdeshell, Mf, dec. Dylan Bennett, Mt, 6-2. 182: Mike Kustanbauter, Mu, maj. dec. Shane Weidner, MC, 8-0; Cameron Andrews, NP, pinned Jeff Meader, Tu, 1:41. 195: Clay Green, To, pinned Trey Lauver, MW, 1:47; Jack Schechterly, CC, dec. Bryan Ryan, Mo, 5-2. 220: T.J. Meehan, LL, pinned Jackson Chilson, Wy, 3:43; Preston Zachman, SC, pinned Zach Poust, Be, 0:57. 285: Randy Wildrick, Wy, pinned Nevin Rauch, Mi, 4:55; Owen Zechman, MW, dec. Jack McAllister, WW, 5-1.



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